[Infographic] 6 negative health effects of stress

It is with little doubt that stress is one of those things we dread having but often follows us around like a faithful dog. If you feel stressed now or at some point in your life, remember this: You’re not alone!

According to a global survey carried out by the corporate consultancy Regus Group, stress levels are rising among the major global economies, with 6 out of 10 workers in these countries experiencing work-related stress.  Meanwhile, China was reported to be the most stressed country globally.

Stress is your natural mental or emotional response to various stressors or demanding circumstances (related to work, relationships, living conditions, illnesses, etc.) which triggers a series of physiological changes in your body.

The following are 6 changes stress does to your body which are detrimental to your health:


While stress is inevitable in life, appropriate stress management is vital. Some useful stress-countering measures include exercise, meditation, massage, aromatherapy and getting the right social support such as opening up to friends and family. More often than not, taking a break from the hectic work schedule to travel or to do the things you enjoy is essential in order to replenish your mental energy. As a matter of fact, this can significantly boost your overall productivity when you return to work.

By responding accordingly, you can avoid the double whammy associated with stress: being stressed-out because of work and also having to deal with the additional stress of being sick! You probably won’t realize that your health is actually your most valuable asset until it’s gone. It’s time to start loving yourself!



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John Tiong

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