How to use a vaginal pessary?

A vaginal pessary refers to a tablet that is inserted into the vagina for the medicine to exert its effect. This is usually for the treatment of various diseases affecting the vagina. The treatment duration may vary from one night to several nights. Below is a general instruction on how to apply a vaginal pessary using an applicator.

1. Pick a time where you will be lying down for a long period. Preferably, just before bedtime.

2. Pick a clean environment. Your bed is usually the best as it is easier to insert the pessary when lying down.

3. Remove the applicator and pessary from the packaging. You may also want to prepare a tube of water-based lubricant (popularized by the brand KY-jelly) and some paper towels if your vagina is dry.

4. Wash and dry your vagina.

5. Wash and dry your hands.

6. Remove the pessary from it’s packaging as shown below

7. Load the pessary into the applicator by pulling down the plunger and inserting the pessary at the opposite end of the plunger.

8. If your vagina is dry, apply some water-based lubricant at the opening of your vagina with your fingers.

9. Lie down with your knees bent and knees apart

10. Holding the applicator in your dominant hand like in step 6, spread the opening of your vagina apart with your non-dominant hand.

11. Slowly insert the pessary end of the application into your vagina.

12. Push the applicator as deeply as possible, then depress the plunger fully to release the pessary into the vagina.

13. Remove the applicator slowly and clean up your vagina if you used water-based lubricant.

14. Dispose of the applicator if the treatment is for one night only. Clean the applicator with mild soap and lukewarm water and leave it to dry if the treatment is over a span of several nights and only one applicator is provided.

15. Wash your hands.

16. Remember, when using a pessary, it is generally recommended to avoid sexual intercourse up to one week after completing the treatment.



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