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Bully increases risk of substance abuse: Latest study shows
Gan Pou Wee M.Pharm, MBBS, BCPS, R.Ph   Recently, many bullying cases have surfaced locally. It is a common knowledge
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Gene therapy, the future of medicine: A cure for beta-thalassemia?
Gan Pou Wee M.Pharm, MBBS, BCPS, R.Ph Beta-thalassemia is a genetic disease of the red blood cells. Patients with this
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Tattoos as health sensors: When health and fashion intertwine!
Gan Pou Wee M.Pharm, MBBS, BCPS, R.Ph   A group of researchers from MIT in collaboration with Harvard Medical School
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Probiotics reduce new-born sepsis by 40%!
Gan Pou Wee MPharm, MBBS, BCPS, RPh In a recent study published in Nature, it was found that feeding newborn
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