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Avoid abusing painkillers for chronic pain without proper advice
Jason Loo MPharm, PhD, RPh   Pain is an extremely common condition that everyone will experience many times over the
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[Video] Antibiotic Resistance: What can I do?
  References: Tiong, J., Loo, J., & Mai, CW. (2016) Global Antimicrobial Stewardship: A closer look at formidable implementation challenges.
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Erectile Dysfunction
Gan Pou Wee M.Pharm, MBBS, BCPS, R.Ph    This topic is a taboo amongst many men. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is
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[Quiz] I am confused!? Which meds can I buy without a prescription?
Jason Loo Siau Ee PhD, MPharm, RPh Have you ever been to the pharmacy requesting for a certain medicine, only
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[Infographic] Know your INR with warfarin therapy
Some quick facts about warfarin and INR: An anticoagulant (blood thinner) prevents formation of blood clots in blood vessels by
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[Infographic] Medications for Erectile Dysfunction: A quick guide
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