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[Video] Top germ hotspots at home!
Do you know which part of your home has the most germs? The results will shock you!   References: 2011
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[Video] Do you have daytime sleepiness?
Do you feel sleepy during daytime all the time? There are many causes to daytime sleepiness. See our video for
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[Video] Antibiotic Resistance: What can I do?
  References: Tiong, J., Loo, J., & Mai, CW. (2016) Global Antimicrobial Stewardship: A closer look at formidable implementation challenges.
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[Video] When drinking becomes a problem
Drinking may be a social norm but how much is enough? Watch the video to know more about alcohol units
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[Video] Tattoos and its potential dangers
 Thinking of getting a tattoo? Know the facts and risks before you do. Learn more about tattoos and its potential
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[Video] The Importance of Drinking Sufficient Water Daily
  Just how important is water to humans and what happens if we don’t have enough water? Watch the video
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Good Shower Habits You Should Know
  Watch the following clip to know more about good shower habits.
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